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Re[2]: Sumptuary Laws

Poster: ASmith@psc.gov (Alan Smith)

     Greetings all,
     As Earl Daffydd pointed out in response to an ealier posting regarding 
     circlets, Atlantia does not have any sumptuary laws.  That means the 
     only binding restrictions are those the SCA imposes, regarding the 
     reserved titles (Sir for Knights, Master/Mistress for Laurels, 
     Pelicans and Masters at Arms, etc) and reserved items representing 
     membership in a peerage order (the white belt, chain and spurs of a 
     Knight, various styles of Crown or Coronet for sitting and past 
     Royalty, Barons/Baronesses, and so on).
     So wear purple, if you like it!  And I hope the seneschal who harassed 
     someone for wearing purple (if such indeed exists), hears of this, and 
     is sufficiently and appropriately sheepish...
     In service,
     Alan Gravesend
     Seneschal, Atlantia
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