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Re: Re[2]: Sumptuary Laws

Poster: Nicole Honeycutt <ladyemma@mindspring.com>

At 02:35 PM 10/19/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Poster: ASmith@psc.gov (Alan Smith)
>     Greetings all,
>     As Earl Daffydd pointed out in response to an ealier posting regarding 
>     circlets, Atlantia does not have any sumptuary laws.  That means the 
>     only binding restrictions are those the SCA imposes, regarding the 
>     reserved titles (Sir for Knights, Master/Mistress for Laurels, 
>     Pelicans and Masters at Arms, etc) and reserved items representing 
>     membership in a peerage order (the white belt, chain and spurs of a 
>     Knight, various styles of Crown or Coronet for sitting and past 
>     Royalty, Barons/Baronesses, and so on).

Don't some other Kingdoms allow squires to wear chains and spurs?  I
thought I'd
seen squires wearing them at Pennsic.  I know we don't but what about other

Emma of Elandonan
The Phoenicians were not great philosophers... they pondered the simpler
questions, like "If I stick this spear in you, can I take your stuff?",
"Do you have relatives that would be mad if I took your stuff?", and
"Can my relatives beat up your relatives?"
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