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[Fwd: SC - Period Wedding]

Okay guys, can we give her some help?  But keep in mind, she's on the
cooks list not this one, so e-mail her privately.

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Good day to you all. I've never posted e-mail to people I don't know,
although I must say, I've been following your post since last week with
great interest.

Living in South Africa, doing things the Period way is rather

I'm getting married next year February (high summer) and our theme is
Medieval. I've been surfing the Net for recipes for Period food and have
been surprising at the amount of information available. We would love to
have our celebration feast as period as possible and at this stage food
isn't much of a problem as the variety is extensive.

There is however a question I would love to pose, if I may: what kind of
dancing and entertainment, if any, was usually done at medieval
weddings? Is this totally irrelevant? I believe that food is only one
aspect of a feast. The ambience, atmosphere, costumes and decor is all
part of the joy of eating. We're going to have lots of candles, guests
will be dressed in period costume and food will be period medieval.

I'd sincerely appreciate any helpful comments.



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