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Re: Court at Crusades

Poster: "Terry L. Neill" <t_neill@hotmail.com>

Court was very short as most of the people called up weren't in the 
hall.  :D

In a very nice touch, but I don't know who's idea it was, HRM Anton had 
a tyger pin to award to a deserving Easterner who's service and 
diligence caught his eye; and TRM East had a sea horse pin to award to a 
deserving Atlantian ditto.  Both gentles were called into court and 
their accomplishments and service hailed.  Very nice idea!

Sir Kai sang a song for the Queen of the East.

The Queen of the East said moving words about how wonderful Atlantia was 
and got a standing ovation.

The Autocrat, whose name escapes my putty brain, received a King's Award 
of Excellence.

Their Majesties of Acre were invited to sit in at court and had some 
nice words to say about getting new ideas by checking out other Medieval 

House Tremayne won the heraldry display on the field with 5 runners 
up--Dutchess Niobe, Windmaster's Hill, two groups from the East whose 
names escape me, and House Ebonwulf.

Bron Njallsdottir won the pre-14th century garb competition with a Norse 
women's outfit.

I don't remember who won the poetry competition (I think it was an 
Easterner?) or the armor competition.

I also have no idea who won the war, or even if points were being 

Their Majesties started court almost on the dot of 8:00.  Huzzah!


   - Anarra

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