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Re: Feast Menu for Crown? -Reply

Poster: Kevin of Thornbury <kevin@maxson.com>

Ed Whitfield wrote:
> Poster: Ed Whitfield <Ed.Whitfield@rich.frb.org>
> Garrett,
> The feast will consist of the following courses:
> Bread & butter, olives & cheddar cheese;
> mushroom-leek soup and chicken;
> pork & peas;
> honey cakes and sugar cookies.
> If your concerns are vergetarian I have it on good
> authority that the mushroom/leek soup will be a
> veggie stock.  I worked it out with the chef(?) that if I
> put a "V" on the seating chart (at the troll gate) at my
> seating  location, I should get an extra thick (stew-like)
> version of the soup.
> Ed

That's a good basic description of the feast, but depending on dietary
restrictions, I'd be happy to go into greater detail privately.

And if you're a vegetarian, I will do my best to accomodate you - but
you *MUST* let me know ahead of time, like within the next week.

Otherwise, I can't plan for you.

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