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Re: Kingdom of Acre

Poster: Acresouth@aol.com

In a message dated 10/20/1998 9:00:21 AM EST, JBRMM266@aol.com writes:

<< Poster: JBRMM266@aol.com
 I found the Kingdom of Acre's website.  It is at 
 http://www.kingdomofacre.org/ >>

If you are not inclined to go find the web site I will give some info which I
have previously posted so please forgive me for what may be repetitiveness.  I
am a dual SCA/Kingdom of Acre (Medieval Scenarios and Recreations, Inc. - MSR)
member.  I am the corporate vice-president as well as a kingdom peer (countess
and knight).  I have recently (2 yrs. ago) moved down here to Atlantia and I
invited all of my friends to come down to Atlantia for a great event!  They
had a blast!

Simply, the group split from the SCA 20 years ago over ugly politics.  They
are based in the New York City/New Jersey/Connecticut area.  Acre is modelled
after a Crusader Kingdom.  It is more restricted in time period (1100 to 1500)
and nationalities (any folks who would have been involved with the crusades).
We have clergy who officiate at ceremonies as they would have in the Middle

Crown tournament is a cumulative affair consisting of three separate types of
battle.  1st round being double elimination that leaves four winners, 2nd
Round is a double elim round robin of 3-5 man melee teams that leaves 2
winners and the final round is a grand melee with the victor winning the title
of Prince/Princess.  We allow champions so that a fighter who wants to fight
but not rule can champion a couple who will become Prince/Princess while the
fighter is War Duke for a the duration of the reign.

Those are some differences from the SCA.  The other major differences are that
MSR really tries to do the educational thing and has a number of full scale
fairs that make money that goes to feed the jousting horses we own and pay for
developing our land into a medieval demo area.

If you have further questions e-mail me privately.
Adriana di Salaparuta (Atlantia)
Countess Adriana di Salaparuta, Knight of the Realm (Acre)
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