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[Fwd: Re: Kingdom Crusaides Archers]

I accidentally sent this privately when I actually meant to send it to
the list... smooth move, yes, I know :)

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Demison1@aol.com wrote:
> Poster: Demison1@aol.com
> After reading all of the comments about this weekend's battle I to put my two-
> cents worth in.  The battle's this weekend were a blast.  This was my first
> battle having just authorized at Kingdom and it was the most fun I've had in a
> long time.  If my recollections are correct we had about 25 archers on
> Atlantia's side, several of them also having just authorized at Kingdom.   We
> at Windmaster's brought 10 archers to the field and had an enormously good
> time playing with the other archers on the field. (sorry, I don't know how to
> spell the group's name so I won't even attempt it and mangle it)  I must
> mention the wonderful, gratious, wonderful (did I mention he was wonderful)
> archer guard we had from Windmaster's Hill.  The lord who was originally
> supposed to be our archer guard could not make it to the event so this
> wonderful gentle agreed to be our archer guard instead of fighting with the
> rest in the thick of the battle.  For this I must say many thanks.  In all I
> don't have any complaints about the war except maybe (as was mentioned before)
> give the archers a little more time between battles to marshall our arrows and
> that is just a very minor complaint.  All in all a great time was had and I
> thank everyone who showed up to play making my first fighting event very
> memorable.

As one of the newest of atlantia's combat archers (I authorized at
Crusades), I wanted to thank the Windmaster's archer corps for helping
me during my first battle.  To say it was a blast was a definite

On to the next battle!

rhiannon of berra
caer mear archer babe extraordinaire
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