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Re: Sumptuary Laws

Poster: "Terry L. Neill" <t_neill@hotmail.com>

>>(the white belt, chain and spurs of a Knight
>Actually, Your Excellency, chains and spurs are not reserved by the 
>SCA for knights to wear only.  If you'll recall, Midrealm squires 
>often wear silver chains, and I've seen some with spurs, too.  I'm 
>glad you don't see that in Atlantia, personally.

An unadorned gold chain of large links is reserved for Knights.  Chains 
with things attached anyone can wear.  Not-gold chains, anyone can wear, 
too, though you'd probably have to deal with some, er, peer pressure. ;)

Spurs anyone can wear, too.  Though the peer pressure can be as high as 
wearing a silver chain.  Wait until equestrian events start happening 
more in Atlantia. We'll start seeing more spurs on non-knights.  I wore 
spurs in the West on occasion when riding at an equestrian event. And I 
aint never going to be a knight.

It's the combination of UNADORNED GOLD chain and WHITE belt with spurs 
that designates a knight.  Non-gold chains, chains with danglies, spurs, 
grey, yellow, blue, black, orange, pink, purple, red, gold, green, and 
multi-colored belts are all OK for anyone to wear.
That's the law.

CUSTOM on the other hand tends towards various belt colors for squires, 
protoges, apprentices, etc.  Along with the silver chain thing from the 
Middle and the idea of spurs only for knights.  But custom is not law.

Witness the large debate swirling at times over "Fealty Chains".  THe 
argument being that any Peer in fealty can wear one.  Another corralary 
being that anyONE in fealty can wear one.

Thank goodness people can still wear red, blue and green belts here!  I 
had visions for a while of the only color belt non-attached people being 
able to wear as pink.  Or orange.  Or chartruse.  Or something.  :P

I have found that as some Peers adapt the symbols of their Peerage one 
way or another, busybodies will sometimes tell hapless people.  "You 
can't wear that grey belt, it looks too much like that knight's dirty 
belt over there."

"That swan carving around your neck looks too much like a Pelican.  
You'd better take it off."

"Part of your belt is white.  Better take it off."

"Those leaves you've decorated your belt with look like a Laurel wreath.  
Only Laurels can wear that."

"That blue shell you've got looks too much like a Pearl medallion"

And, you know, it's almost never the Peers themselves saying these 
things!  It's usually the SCAdian who's been in the SCA just long enough 
to think she knows the rules, but not long enough to know he doesn't 

Fortunately those people usually grow out of it.  Yeah!

   - Anarra

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