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Re: Sumptuary Laws

Poster: Heather Swann <heather@pop.net>

> (shnipperoonie!)
> Thank goodness people can still wear red, blue and green belts here!  I
> had visions for a while of the only color belt non-attached people being
> able to wear as pink.  Or orange.  Or chartruse.  Or something.  :P
> I have found that as some Peers adapt the symbols of their Peerage one
> way or another, busybodies will sometimes tell hapless people.  "You
> can't wear that grey belt, it looks too much like that knight's dirty
> belt over there."

I've seen it happen with light blue as well...."Well from a distance..."

> "That swan carving around your neck looks too much like a Pelican.
> You'd better take it off."

Many years ago, Medieval Misc. was selling  a Tudor swan pendant.  Oh,
cool, I thought.  Something that has an element of my device (now Arms),
that's period for my persona.....  well, someone mistook it for a Pelican
and after much hassle, I took it off and gave it to a Pelican. It was
pretty, but  oi ain't no Pelican if yer know wot oi mean an' oi don't want
ter give th' false impression thet oi might be!  So, a few bucks down the
drain and a disappointment, but there it is....

> (shnipperoo!)
> And, you know, it's almost never the Peers themselves saying these
> things!  It's usually the SCAdian who's been in the SCA just long enough
> to think she knows the rules, but not long enough to know he doesn't
> yet.
> Fortunately those people usually grow out of it.  Yeah!
>    - Anarra


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