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Marlboro Wars -- time is slipping by

Poster: Bob Steele <rsteele@symbiont.com>

                             Marlboro Wars 
                           Oct 30th - Nov 1st

             Baronies of Dun Carraig, Lochmere, & Storvik 
                          Upper Marlboro, MD 

The fierce (if confused) denizens of Upper and Lower Marlboro are at each 
other's throats once again, disputing anew this mostly unnoticed border.  A 
separatist movement (Middle Marlboro) is gaining strength. A new season of 
siegecraft, raiding, and questionable surveying practices is brewing!

We call to you, Atlantian warriors (or whomever)! Help us make a bad 
situation even worse!  All are needed - armored folk, fencers, archers both 
target and combat!  Bring your  weapons, your siege engines, your sense of 
humor...and the devil take the hindmost! A day of martial melee mayhem awaits!

Authorizations will commence at 9:00 Saturday Morning to be followed by 
Tourneys at 11:00  to select heavy and rapier champions for each team. Then 
it's off to the battlements for an afternoon of assault, defense, and the 
dreaded Surveyor's Mission! Two fortifications will be available for the 
amusement of one and all! Combat archers will be ardently sought by
all sides!  Target archers will be able to display their prowess throughout 
the day at Theodore's Wall of Wonders (you have GOT to see this thing!).

The day's activities will be followed by Baronial Courts, and by (of course) 
the feast. 
For those staying late, a combat arrow construction class will be given, and 
Beggar's Night (trick or treat) allowed for the younger crowd.  Non-period 
costumes permitted after the feast is over.  A prize will be given to the 
youngster with the best period costume!

The site is available for practice until 2:00 PM Sunday.

Fees - On board $10.00 / Off board $5.00 / Camping $5.00 additional.  On-
board buys you Saturday's feast.  Access to the keg based upon your years 
permitting.  Donations for the keg appreciated.  Children 12 and under will 
be half-price, 6 and under are free. Make checks payable to "Barony of 
Storvik/SCA Inc."

Please reserve early! This is a public park, and we should not be collecting 
fees on site. The feast will be limited to 100 persons. By request of the 
cooks, no on-board reservations will be accepted after October 24.

Please send your reservations to Baroness Brenna of Storvik  (Jeraldine 
Rorstrom-Lee), 600 Cedar Street NW, Washington, DC 20012-2426, (202) 291-
3562, email: BrennaSCA@erols.com  

For other information contact the autocrat, Lord Aelfgar GreySeas, 405 
Arundel Road, Fairhaven, MD 20779  (410) 286-8108 before 10 PM email: 

The site of Marlboro Wars is Croom Park, 16000 Croom Airport Road, Upper 
Marlboro, MD 20772. The sight opens at 6pm on Friday and closes at 4 pm  

CORRECTION: The site is NOT discreetly wet! A keg will be provided, so bring 
your picture ID. No other alcohol is permitted.  No merchants are permitted 
at this site.
Make your best route to the east side of the Washington DC beltway, I-495.  
Take Exit 11, Rt. 4 (Pennsylvania Ave.) heading east towards Upper Marlboro. 
Exit onto Rt. 301 (Crane Hwy.) heading south. After 2.5 miles, turn left onto
Croom Road (Rt. 382). After 3 miles, turn left onto Croom Airport Road.  The 
site is 2 miles down, on your left. 

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