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RE: Sumptuary Laws

Poster: Robert J Welenc <rjwelenc@erols.com>

At 01:11 PM 10/22/98 -0400, Lewis, Don wrote:
>Poster: "Lewis, Don" <don@infodata.com>
>I was just wondering where all of this is in the laws.  I gave them
a quick
>look over and did not see it but they are large and I do not have
time to
>read it from frount to back.
>Donald MacGregor
And a good thing, because you would have wasted your time.  This is
not Atlantian kingdom law, but Society.

>From Laurel's (Baron Bruce Draconarius) cover letter to the12/92
Letter of Acceptances and Returns :

    On the question of regalia for Society Orders

    Some while back, the question of regalia came before the Board of
    Directors.  The regalia for the SCA-wide Orders are currently
    defined as follows: strawberry coronets for Dukes and Duchesses;
    embattled coronets for Counts (Earls) and Countesses; a rose
    wreath for the Order of the Rose; a closed circle of chain, and a
    white belt or baldric, for the Order of Chivalry; a laurel wreath
    for the Order of the Laurel; a pelican for the Order of the
    Pelican.  Additionally, Laurel has ruled (LoAR cover letter of 30
    July 84, p.5) that "the right of all SCA members to wear a simple
    thin circlet to hold their headdresses/hair down should not be
    abridged in any kingdom in the SCA."  Except for those
    restrictions, there are no Society-wide sumptuary laws; the forms
    of baronial or viscomital coronets, for instance, vary from
    Kingdom to Kingdom.

    I had asked the Board to decide where lies the authority to
    the defined regalia for SCA-wide orders.  I see only three
    possibilities: If such authority exists, it lies with either (1)
    Laurel, (2) the Board, or (3) the individual Kingdoms.  The Board
    remanded the question to the College of Arms for further debate.

   Baron Bruce won his point.  9/93 LoAR Cover Letter:

    Regalia, reserved charges, und so weiter

    At their October meeting, the Board of Directors confirmed that,
    as with titles and forms of address, Laurel King of Arms has
    authority over the regalia of the SCA-wide orders.  

The only other cover letter mentioning "regalia" is the 3/97 one of
Jaelle of Armida:


    We have been asked what happens when someone who lives in one
    kingdom, owns regalia that is legal to him by Society and that
    kingdoms laws, then moves to another kingdom, where it is against
    the kingdom laws and or traditions.  The answer is very simple;
    is grandfathered to him, and he may wear it. Note: this same
    question has been ruled on, with the same answer, by at least two
    of my predecessors.

In service,

Lady Alanna Volchevo Lesa
Partan Herald, Barony of Lochmere
Laurel Minion
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