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Re: Sumptuary Laws

Poster: Brian Elliott <amalric@erols.com>

Your Excellency!

Genie Grimm wrote:

> >well-meaning comrade of mine occasionally gets mistaken for a knight
> >because one section of his belt is white - if that's all you can see,
> >it's a logical assumption.  I would think that after several of these,
> >one might simply retire that piece of gear....

> <snip>
> I know that belt and it has for all practical purposes been retired.  Sad,
> really.  It's a pretty cool belt.  It looks really nice in the closet
> *sigh*.
> Isabel (who got called Your Grace while up to her elbows in food in the
> kitchen  :)

I still support him still wearing that (really cool) belt!  I would gladly
talk to any knights who take offence of it.  When I look at it, I don't see a
knight's belt, but I do see a really spiff heraldic belt.  If someone sees the
forest for A tree, does that MAKE it a forest?  Not in my part of the woods!
: )
-Sir Amalric Blackhart

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