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Girl Scout Demo Success in Cyddlain Downs

Poster: Ann & Les Shelton <sheltons@conterra.com>

Greetings All,

We have just returned home from a very successful weekend with the
Congraree Girl Scouts whose Program Center we use often for events.

We had been asked to do a demo for them.  "Sure," I said, "We do demos
all the time!"  Then I found out it was a full day of programming for
150 Brownies and Juniors!  "Help!" I cried, and as always the SCA came
through with flying colors.

We ran 10 different A & S/fighting activities throughout the day, cooked
a fine period feast and ended the day with a Middle Eastern fire circle
complete with drumming and dancing.  They were thrilled and said it was
their best Core Camp ever.  This would not have happened without a lot
of support so please bear with me as I recognize a "few" people.

First, our canton was there for every minute they could spare setting
up, teaching classes, cooking and cleaning.  Many good friends from
Hidden Mountain and Sacred Stone travelled 2 and 3 hours to help us
teach, answer questions and cook.  Three Cantons in our Barony, St
George's, Falcon Cree and Kestral's Keep sent fighters, fencers,
teachers and all around helpers.

At the last minute, Sorcha and Bastion came to fence, Galdymar and Julie
came to dance and Mysty and Vlad came to cook and fight.

We could have never made it through the weekend without all this
support.  I had hoped to make a good showing for PR with a very valuable
site.  Instead, we impressed them with all that SCA is in courtesy,
service and knowledge.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and you can rest now....

Anne le Coeur
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