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Drum head's, drum head's whats your choise of drum head's for any weather?

Poster: SHADOSPON@aol.com

Good Lords and Ladies of Atlantia,

	I have a problem that some may not think is a problem.  I have a dumbec.  Who
cares, right?  Well, be that as it may her is the problem.

	This dombec has a natural skin head and because of this I cannot play it in
	any weather(ie...hot, cold, humid or any combination there of).

What I need is address's, phone number's, name's, web page's and/or email
address's of companies/people who can and are willing to put a synthetic head
on my drum.  Please feal free to email me your answers privately or on the
Marry Rose, but please if you can help I would be very grateful.  Thank you.

Opi Vali
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