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Fw: Chat book, txt part one

Dear Denizens of the Merry Rose,
   Two years ago, I wrote a Handbook for Chatelaines and Castellans and
handed it to the Kingdom Seneschal for proofreading/publishing... SCAdian
life being what it is, the unprinted text was handed over by her to my
successor, Master Bran, when he became Kingdom Chatelaine. Various delays
have made the information almost useless (I am sure) at this point, but in
the hopes that you would be able to find something of use, I am forwarding
the attachment for part I (Chatelaine's duties and info), and in a separate
message, part II, which is Children's Information.
    I apologize for being so inept at getting the information out, and I
also apologise to Master Bran if I've stepped on his toes (I know that he
intends to publish a Handbook someday). Please consider this a "stopgap"
until he can distribute his Book.

Rosine of Rowanwald

Chat1.txt (Text Document)