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Re: Bored at tourneys (was re:Who is entering Crown Tourney?)

Poster: marybeth lavrakas <Marybeth_Lavrakas@med.unc.edu>

However, in period it was quite common to have minstrels and performers
doing their thing while the tournament was going.  It was a matter of
for knights and such to display their wealth by having lavish
going.  Some combatants became "fan favorites" because they would bring
wonderful musicians, and would play for the crowd.

Certain events we do in the SCA do make an attempt to give this sort of
flavor........such as the pas d'armes I'm going to be running for Bright
Hills in October of 99.  (Shameless plug! :
I will add my own shameless plug, for the Feast of St. George in
Windmasters' Hill on April 24, 1999!  We're trying to have as much music
and performance (plays, anyone?) going on during the day as we can, and
at feast.  And don't worry, fighters, there'll be tons o' that as well!

Kathryn Rous, autocrat to be
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