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Loaner garb for Mabinogi (try #2)

Good lords and ladies of the Merry Rose,
I realize that this is short notice, but I have just realized that I
am bringing about 7 new people to Mabinogi and that I do not have
nearly enough garb for them.  We have made some progress on T-tunics
for these people but not nearly enough, and I don't really feel that
I can in good faith ask these people to make their own garb (yet)
since that they might not ever attend another event (much as I would
like most of them to stay the course.)
There will be 4 males and 3 females (I think my count is right, but
I haven't met all of them personally, so I could be mistaken.  I
will stand surety on all clothing that is borrowed and will ensure
that the clothing is returned before the event ends on Sunday.
Any help would be greatly appreciated
Matthias (of the hinterlands of Hawkwood)
ps.  Is there a problem with sending messages through Hotmail?  I tried to send
this last night and it never showed up on the Rose