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Re: Children's activities

Poster: "Beverly Robinson-Curry" <corvus2@worldnet.att.net>

Duchess Melisande wrote:

>      it's fun, especially with elementary school-age children, to tell
>      what kids their age would have been expected to do, then let them
>      their hands at carding or spinning on drop spindles or embroidery.  
>      They can help in the kitchens, and serve tables, and run errands,
>      bear water.  We need to be incorporating our children into our 
>      activities, not isolating them and looking for "special" activities 
>      for them that give them the wrong idea about what the SCA is all 
>      about.

I agree.  My own daughter (age 12) has grown tired of the children's
activities at events (she got her AoA for helping with them) and is now
more interested in doing what the adults are doing and being in the main
area of the event.  This weekend, at Mabinogi, she's volunteered to work a
shift serving in the tavern for 3 hours and is looking forward to it.

If she had to stay at children's activities, I think she'd soon stop
wanting to come with me.

Lady Rhiannon ui Neill
Triton Principal Herald
House Corvus, Sacred Stone

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