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RE: Children's activities

Poster: Dominica Harlan <DHarlan@RodgersBuilders.com>

I didn't grow up as a kid in the SCA, but I know a lot of them and I grew 
up as a kid expected to do or help w/ adult things. While children were 
treated as small adults in the middle ages, there are lots of good reasons 
why that habit stopped over time -- kids are kids, not adults. No, 
adolescents and teenagers shouldn't be stuck in the activities invented for 
younger children. However, while it's fun to share in some adult 
activities, no young person wants to be an adult all day right before they 
spend the next 40 or 50 years doing it. There has to be some workable mix 
of activities in between treating 12-17 year olds like babies and treating 
them like their parents. Perhaps we should ask them. Why not ask young 
people like Lady Rhiannon's daughter, who have awards and thus proven 
interest, what they would like to be doing and what they already enjoy 
doing at events? It won't be completely democratic, but it would be a 
representative sample. I don't know the best way to do this, but even just 
asking the young people you know and offering to help them might be a good 
Ceara, not that far from teenagedom herself.

Quoth Duchess Melisande:
Our children have lots of opportunities to color and to play modern
games or with modern toys.  Why shouldn't we look for ways to let them
do the kinds of things that medieval children their age would have done,
instead of giving them pictures of knights and castles to color?...

Quoth Lady Katherine Sharpe:
I apoligize for not keying in on an age group...most of the activities
that are planned as children's activities do cater to 4 to 8 years of
age. Her Grace Melisande has a very good and strong point in regard to
our children as they age. As my daughter is getting active and seeking
interests we personally have been fortunate to have other adults to
inspire and teach. The young adult is an area that our Society can
embrace. Parents that are supportive and encouraging are being very
successful. I am strongly in favor of ways to encourage arts and
sciences and service...ideas to motivate the older children are welcome.

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