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Re: Children's activities

Poster: Greg Glewwe
Greetings from Katherine Sharpe:

In Response from Melisande de Belvoir:

Our children have lots of opportunities to color and to play modern games or with modern toys. Why shouldn't we look for ways to let them do the kinds of things that medieval children their age would have done, instead of giving them pictures of knights and castles to color?...

I apoligize for not keying in on an age group...most of the activities that are planned as children's activities do cater to 4 to 8 years of age. Her Grace Melisande has a very good and strong point in regard to our children as they age. As my daughter is getting active and seeking interests we personally have been fortunate to have other adults to inspire and teach. The young adult is an area that our Society can embrace. Parents that are supportive and encouraging are being very successful. I am strongly in favor of ways to encourage arts and sciences and service...ideas to motivate the older children are welcome.

In service to our future,
Katherine Sharpe

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