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Re: Re: Were any of the Scottish ever knighted?

Poster: EoganOg@aol.com

In a message dated 10/7/98 11:26:14 AM, Shalandara@aol.com wrote:

>I know that somewhere
>around 1244 a lord by the name of D'Umfreville who was the Earl of Angus
>(scottish) was knighted for his English lands.

An even more interesting case was that of King Alexander III of Scotland, who
also held lands in England.  In 1278 Alexander swore homage to King Edward I
of England and vowed to be his man and give him loyalty "for the lands that I
hold of you in the kingdom of England for which I owe homage to you, saving my
kingdom."  The Bishop of Norwich, who was there at the ceremony, attempted to
get Alexander to also give homage to Edward for Scotland, but Alexander
outright refused saying that he held Scotland for none but God and owed only
God homage for that kingdom.  So even a king can be vassal to another man and
still retain his kingdom.  National bonds meant little to the fuedal system,
only bonds between individual men.  And therein lies  the makings of much
intrigue and confusion.
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