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Were any of the Scottish ever knighted? (fwd)

Poster: clevin@ripco.com (Craig Levin)

> Poster: Bob & Diana Cosby <cosby@erols.com>
> Is it farfetched to have a Scottish warrior knighted by an English king
> around 1130-1150?  Has this ever occured?  What would incite a king to
> knight a Scottish man?  I ask this, because in my research I see the
> border clashes and land rights questions bantered about.  Thank you in
> advance for any assistance.

Judging from the evidences found in both knightly fiction and
history, it was not uncommon for men to ask for their knighthood
from foreign kings. However, there was often a bond created
between the knightor and the knight, akin to the bond between
lord and man, inasmuch as it was the knightor who gave the knight
his arms. A Scot seeking knighthood at the court of the English
king would probably be a border lord, who'd have lands in
Scotland and England, and who considered his English properties
to be the more valuable, so that he would want this extra bond
between himself and that particular lord to protect them. 

The English king, naturally, would want to encourage the
borderers to take knighthood under him or one of his chief men on
the borders (the bishop of Durham, for example) so as to ensure
their loyalty in any dispute. I'm not an expert in Anglo-Scots
history, but I can also cite examples of Scots kings doing homage
to English kings for their properties in England. In general, the
fact that the nobility of Europe were more or less all cousins
ensured that any given great noble or prince would have
properties in many parts of Europe, for which he might have to do
service of some sort.

In Service,

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Craig Levin
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