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November Acorn Letter

Poster: ASmith@psc.gov (Alan Smith)

Unto the noble populace of Atlantia, gentle cousins all, does Alan 
Gravesend send greetings and felicitations!

It has come to my attention that there is a perception that Great 
Offices in this kingdom exchange on an "inside track", if you will.  
Some folk have expressed the opinion to me that they never bother to 
apply because they know they won't get the job, since all these 
decisions are made by the "old boys network" or from the select few 
friends of the current incumbent in the office or the Crown.  There have 
been, as a result, very few applicants for a number of Great Offices 
that have come open recently.  I understand that when the office of 
Kingdom Seneschal came open this spring there were only two applicants.  
Of course, now that I have the job, I think that's because most of you 
are too intelligent to apply for it (!).

To this end, and with the support of the Crown, I will be working with 
the rest of the Great Officers to ensure that successions to Great 
Offices are more open, and are conducted upon the fairest lines which 
are practical.  So apply!  Atlantia is a land bursting with talent, and 
I know that we do not in fact have a shortage of capable people to do 
the jobs that keep the Kingdom running.

I would also like to announce that Unevent will be held on February 6th 
next year, at a site as yet to be determined (as of this writing).  It 
has been moved to allow a fair chance for groups to put in bids; in 
order to hold it on December 5th, I would have had to make a site 
selection a bare two weeks after the September Acorn (where bids were 
first solicited) was in your hands.  Then, we have to avoid the 
holidays, Twelfth Night, usw, so February is it.  I hope to see as many 
of you there as possible. Unless Their Majesties need to hold a court 
there, Unevent will not be in garb.

In Service,


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