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Re: Off topic but important

Poster: "Michael Ruttle" <mruttle@xperts.com>

> I just wanted to also throw in my 2 cents.  If someone is TOTALLY not
> informed of the status of any of the candidates running the current
> election, and therefore has NO idea of their own as to which candidates
> they should vote for, then they should not vote.

Too many people see voting as a right rather than a responsibility.  In the
period and region we emulate in the SCA, rulers were chosen by the elite few
who maintained all the wealth and could claim nobility. (I know this is an
over simplification but the truth was money=power).

Today, money still plays an important part in the determining of our
leadership but not as much as one other thing...knowledge.  In today's
environment, you can make informed choices for candidates and propositions
that closely match your core values by doing a little leg work.

Of course if you don't gain the knowledge independently, those with
power/money will be glad to give you your opinions in 30 second spots.

And if your don't exercise your brain by churning that knowledge into an
opinion and from an a opinion to a vote, than those with the money/power
will be happy to ignore you.


Colin G

BTW: representative governments are period.
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