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Re: Off topic but important

Poster: Heather Swann <heather@pop.net>

Although I can see the loss of the right to complain, what I really think you're
missing here is this:

By not acting (educating yourself and then voting), you ARE granting them the
authority to make decisions for you.    All the decisions they want to.  By
thinking you're not doing so, you're forfeiting your chance to put in your 2p,
AND you're foolin' yerself there.....

Essentially, you're saying you can't trust them so you're going to give them
carte blanche.....generous, but not, perhaps, wise.

What you HAVE to obey are the laws, not the people.  Forfeit your input into the
laws, and you stifle your own voice.  Then other people make those 'decisions'
(laws), and you're shut out further.

I'd also like to second what Lord Kevin of Thornbury said so well, and add this:

When I think of all the people who fought just so I could go into a booth at my
convenience and vote, I consider it the height of disrespect for their sacrifices
to not do so.  After all, people have been force-fed in prison, arrested, beaten,
tortured, women have been mauled, beaten, and had their clothes torn off by mobs
in front of the Wilson White House, no less, just so I could vote.  I can't let
those folks down, nor my ancestors who came to this country for the privilege,
for that matter.

Of course, it's your choice.

(Stepping off the soapbox.)

Just had to say that.  Thanks for the privilege, and we now return you to your
regular tavern.....


> (snipperoonie!)
>  in charge. As far as the law is concerned, I have to obey them anyway, which
>  isn't right, but I feel a lot better about myself by not granting anybody the
>  authority to make decisions for me, unless I truly beleive that they can be
>  trusted to make the right decisions.
>  Gideon of Black Diamond
>   >>
> The above is true...but along with your right to vote or not comes
> responsibility.  Accordingly if you chose not to take part in this political
> process then many believe that one do not have the right to voice one's
> opinion on who is currently in office.  Many people never try to change the
> system and complain and complain until the cows come home.  I am of the
> opinion that if one forsakes one's right to take part in the process of making
> this democratic-republic work, then one also forsakes one's right to complain.
> Just the 2 p of a former Government teacher...
> Amy Smyth-Wilson, who sees no problem with a straight ticket
> (not writing as Rowen ferch Rhys)

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