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Poster: jsrechts@imap.unc.edu

This is the last time I'll post on the topic but I wanted to address is

Siegfried writes:

> Sorry to continue an off topic thread, but ... :)

> I just wanted to also throw in my 2 cents.  If someone is TOTALLY not
>informed of the status of any of the candidates running the current
>election, and therefore has NO idea of their own as to which candidates
> they should vote for, then they should not vote.

Please note that you CAN write in anyone.  No, it's not a good idea to
vote for someone you don't know.
But that doesn't mean you should avoid the polls altogether.

Gideon writes:

> Part of democracy is the choice to not take part in politics. I
haven't seen a
>andidate that I thought might be worthy of any office since Perot ran,
and I
>didn't agree with everything he stood for. I choose not to vote,
because I
>refuse to be held responsible for the actions of these fools who think
>in charge. 

Again, you can write in a candidate if you don't like those who are
running.  Additionally, not all elections are about people, there are
also ballot initiatives to be voted on.
What if there was a proposal to build a highway in your back yard but
you blew off voting so couldn't give your view of it?
I find it very sad that you allow others to make decisions for you.  I
for one (and everyone else who does vote)  care about the future and
want to have a say in it.
I may be in the minority at times but I do believe it's important that
my opinion be formally cast in the form of a vote.

If you have any further comments, let's take this off line as it is
really off topic.
I posted the reminder to vote as a public service annoucement, not as a
topic to debated on the Merry Rose.


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