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Please pass on - SCA-Exchequers list

Poster: Robert J Welenc <rjwelenc@erols.com>

>A request to those of you who are close to your exchequers, or know
their e-
>mail addresses
>From: Carolyn_Richardson@cch.com
>I've started up a list for the Exchequers of the SCA, and I'm hoping
to get
>as much participation as I can.  This list is unmoderated and the
>owner is myself, the Society Exchequer.  I'm hoping that discussion
on the
>list will help some of the common bookkeeping problems that we all
>and give you an opportunity to ask questions regarding how to be a
>exchequer, what to do in certain financial situations if you can't
>it out, get some ideas on what to check if you just can't get the
>to balance, and generally act as a supplemental resource to the
>To subscribe to the SCA-Exchequers list, send an email message to
>"SCA-Exchequers-subscribe@onelist.com".  You should get a
>notice to tell you if you have subscribed successfully.  If not, and
>have web access, you can go to the Onelist site at
>and register as a user.  Once you have registered, you can find the
>SCA-Exchequers list under the category "Recreation: Creative
>and subscribe from there.  You will not receive Spam by registering
>Onelist, nor will you receive separate email advertising.
>I would appreciate it if you could pass this on to whatever kingdom
>you are subscribed to.  The Pelicans and Laurel lists are the only
>lists I'm subscribed to - I can't subscribe to my own kingdom list
since it
>hates my email address for some
>Thanks for the bandwidth,
>Tetchubah of Greenlake
>Society Exchequer
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