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Re: Angels and Heralds and Wierdos, oh my (was Re: Angels)

Poster: EoganOg@aol.com

In a message dated 98-11-04 15:53:04 EST, you write:

> {Side note: a female herald may also be slipped, although this remains a
>  matter of historical conjecture as we have no documented use of female
>  heralds in period... however, Cornet Pennywhistle, in his "Imaginary
>  Heraldic Usage in West-Central Europe, 1200-1600", states that while a
>  female herald might be slipped, she should never be leaved.}

Well,, if she must me leaved, at least have her leaved Proper.  Otherwise
would just be....   well, unproper!  

Which brings me to a few other heraldic questions (Rhiannon, you've been so
helpful in this department before, maybe you can help again).
1)  Can a female herald be fructed?
2)  Do you have to ask her first?
3)  How common was the usage of the demi-herald?
4)  And did it hurt?
5)  Is it acceptable to display a female herald slipped, or should we try and
keep her hidden?
and finally....
6)  Has anyone else noticed the similarity between the badge of the Militant
Society of Bards and the flag of the Isle of Man?  
And 7)  Where is the Isle of Women?  Do they have off-season travel rates?
Eogan Og
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