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Re: Angels and Heralds and Wierdos, oh my (was Re: Angels)

Poster: "Beverly Robinson-Curry" <corvus2@worldnet.att.net>

Eogan wrote:

> Which brings me to a few other heraldic questions (Rhiannon, you've been
> helpful in this department before, maybe you can help again).
> 1)  Can a female herald be fructed?
> 2)  Do you have to ask her first?
> 3)  How common was the usage of the demi-herald?
> 4)  And did it hurt?
> 5)  Is it acceptable to display a female herald slipped, or should we try
> keep her hidden?
> and finally....
> 6)  Has anyone else noticed the similarity between the badge of the
> Society of Bards and the flag of the Isle of Man?  
> And 7)  Where is the Isle of Women?  Do they have off-season travel

ARRRGH!!!!  (and Rhiannon runs screaming from the tavern...)

(But pops her head back in long enough to declare:)

Whatdda mean, weirdos???


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