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Titles & Chuckles

Poster: EoganOg@aol.com

In a message dated 98-11-05 00:23:13 EST, you write:

> Jocetta, Lady Thrushleigh 
>   (Note I've been reading Eogan-the-bard-not-the-herald's postings about
>  titles.  Knew about them, actually, just decided to change from SCA custom
>  to a very likely more period usage)

{sinister chuckle......}  I have you ALL under my power now!   Do not
Actually, if we went to totally period titles, then the ones at the bottom of
the fuedal totem pole would be the knights with one fief.  Me, as a Lord, and
you, as a Lady, would most likely have several of these knights that swore
their fealty and homage to US at first, and then in later eras to the king
only, but still were under us in the fuedal system.

Now, if I could just find the Gaelic eqivalent of "the-bard-not-the-herald" to
add to my name, we'd be set!


(For all you beginning heralds out there:  a sinister chuckle is a small
jester on the left hand side of the feild)
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