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From the Ground up - Masqued Ball Competition

Poster: Betty & David Eyer <Betty_and_David@compuserve.com>

I am posting this description to the list, rather than making individual
responses to email inquiry.  Feel free to ask me further by email if your
questions are not completely answered by this inquiry.  I apologize for any
delay in answering some of your emails, but I have been distracted by my
preparations for the Highland Games Demo and burned out afterwards.  (But I
looked MAHVELOUS!)

At Masqued Ball this year in Caer Mear, the A&S competition will be "From
the Ground Up."  This is a competition that was planned and announced for
Emerald of last year, but was cancelled due to the problems in securing a
site for Emerald, as we were for awhile unsure that any A&S display would
be possible.  We have decided that the idea was too good to waste and will
be holding it after all, at Masqued Ball, instead.  

The competition will consist of entries that are made with at least some
element of the RAW MATERIALS made by the person who also crafted the item. 
The display could consist of only the raw materials, such as dried herbs
raised in your own garden or leather that you tanned yourself.  It could be
pictures or drawings of your garden layout and documentation of period
gardens.  Or it could be a finished object made from one or more element
that you made yourself. 

It could be:
a scroll with hand mixed pigments or hand made paper.
a shawl made of fibers hand spun, hand dyed. 
textile made from a home made loom.  
wood work that started with a tree of your acquaintance rather than lumber
from a supplier.
Anything that started in your garden - cordials, honey cakes, wine, beer,
herbed vinegar, etc. 
Any item made with a home made tool.

Documentation should concentrate not only on the finished item but also on
the raw element and the method of it's creation.  You are encouraged to use
your creativity to display the method along with the item - use
photographs, include the home made tools in your display, add index cards
to explain the elements, whatever.  If you want to display the method
yourself, as in a live process demo, or you will need a lot of space for
your display,  please contact me in advance and I will try to make sure
that is feasible (i.e., enough space, safety, judgeing, etc.)

If you are planning on attending and are willing/able to judge this
competition, please contact me.   If you are a local Pearl/Laurel, duck
when I come by, cause I will bug you about judging.  

I hope I have piqued your interest.  As I said above, please feel free to
contact me if you still have questions about the competition. 

Magdalena de Hazebrouck
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