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Re: Angels in Heaven, Danceing, and Other Religious Moments

Poster: Marsha Goodell <mgoodell@osf1.gmu.edu>

At 07:19 PM 11/4/98 EST, EoganOg@aol.com wrote:

>>  5.  What did they believe got you into heaven?
>One could only get into heaven through the sacriments.  That's why it was such
>a punishment if the the pope (or archbishop) excommunicated you--it denied you
>your sacriments.  Or there was the large scale version of this--interdiction,
>where a whole region, or even a country was denied sacriment.  The pope
>threatened to interdict England during the reign of Henry II, for example.
>Eogan Og

In addition, Pope Innocent did place England under an interdict during the
reign of John, throwing a number of things into choas and upsetting a whole
bunch of people.  This act was more fuel for the fire that finally resulted
in John being forced by his barons to sign the Magna Charta.


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