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Re: Angels in Heaven, Danceing, and Other Religious Moments

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In a message dated 98-11-04 19:11:30 EST, barderic@mailcity.com writes:

Two of these I can actually answer

> 4.  What did they do aobut the un-educated peasents that fell asleep durring
> the service?  Was it considered a sin to allow that to happen to you, or did
> they jsut ignore it?

Well, during the period from 12th to 15th centuries (this is from my memory,
an estimate of dates only--but definitel High Middle Ages here), they actually
had a church office that involved standing behind folks in mass and bopping
them on the back of the head (with a bladder on a stick, if I remember right)
if they fell asleep.

>  5.  What did they believe got you into heaven?

One could only get into heaven through the sacriments.  That's why it was such
a punishment if the the pope (or archbishop) excommunicated you--it denied you
your sacriments.  Or there was the large scale version of this--interdiction,
where a whole region, or even a country was denied sacriment.  The pope
threatened to interdict England during the reign of Henry II, for example.

Eogan Og
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