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Angels in Heaven, Danceing, and Other Religious Moments

Poster: "Michael Jeffrey Looney" <barderic@mailcity.com>

>Which begs the question, "Who are the guests of the Angels?"

                     And are angels good hosts?  Are they reknowned for their "heavenly

                     Eogan Og<

I think weshoudl do as they woudl have done in peioid:  Pray on this matter.

"Our Father, Lord in heaven, please bring to use the answers which we seek through You, that our questions may be answered through your grace.
And that yoiur hospitality may shine on us all, through out the land, the gentiles and the Jews, the Christians and the barbarians, the meek and the prosperious, the huimble and the wicked..."

Um...jstu a question here.
Yes, I DID write that for a VERY impirtant reason, b/c I have some religious questions to through out now:

1.  Were their services then as they are now? (I'm speaking from the Catholic side of things, since that's what my persona is.)
2.  How would they have prayed?
3.  Are the Crusaides reinacted from period??
4.  What did they do aobut the un-educated peasents that fell asleep durring the service?  Was it considered a sin to allow that to happen to you, or did they jsut ignore it?
5.  What did they believe got you into heaven?
6.  Do you think they'd lookat me strange and through me out if I went to church in Garb?  Has anyone ever tried that before?  Might we have a service of our own in gard, to reinact a church service from period?

I think that's all my questions.

Tristin de Roquelaure ("idiot savant")
Kingdon of Atlantia
Barony of the Windmaster's Hill
Canton of Buckston-on-Eno
"Als thai haf wryten and sayd
Haf I alle in myn Inglis layd,
In symple speechs as I couthe,
That is lightest in manne's mouthe.
Alle for the luf of symple men,
That strange Inglis cannot ken."

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