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Re: Angels in Heaven, Danceing, and Other Religious Moments

Poster: Karen@stierbach.atlantia.sca.org (Larsdatter, Karen )

Tristan had Many Questions, one of which was:

> 3.  Are the Crusaides reinacted from period??

Sometimes.  :)

At an event coming up at the end of June, Ponte Alto will be 
presenting an event centered around the arrival of Richard the Lion-
Hearted at the siege of Acre.

(For those of you who dunno what the siege of Acre's about, a 
quickie thumbnail:  The siege of Acre lasted about two years -- one 
of the longest [if not the longest] military action within the context 
of the Third Crusade.  Crusaders of a variety of different 
nationalities laid seige to the city of Acre, and blocaded its harbor; 
Saladin's troops in turn counter-sieged the Crusader forces, 
creating a massive impasse.  Richard shows up in June, just a few 
days after marrying Berengaria; a few weeks later, boom, just like 
that, the siege is OVER, the city of Acre has surrendered.  And 
there was much rejoicing ...) ;)

Karen Larsdatter
  The Less-Informed Half of the Research Team
  for the Siege of Acre Event

(Who sez:  look out for "Women of Peace and War:  The Roles of 
European Women at the Siege of Acre," coming to a "Gusti i Fatti" 
near you!)  ;)
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