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Re: Titles & Chuckles

Poster: Duane Moore <poetamilitarus@yahoo.com>

> In a message dated 98-11-05 00:23:13 EST, you write:
> > Jocetta, Lady Thrushleigh 
> >  
> >   (Note I've been reading Eogan-the-bard-not-the-herald's postings
> >  titles.  Knew about them, actually, just decided to change from
SCA custom
> >  to a very likely more period usage)
--> the problem with this is that the College of Heralds specificially
does not allow titles that infer land,(unless you actually Own land
i.e. The King, or just rent it i.e. landed barons/nesses ...
;-) )
Calling myself the Lord de Byram, would infer that I am the liege lord
of that land(Actually, in my case the Byram river in France..),
So while it is more period to call the ranking noble Lord, or
actually, suerezin, it's discouraged by those herald types.

Bryce de Byram
(stealth herald-type at large)
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