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Re: Titles & Chuckles

Poster: Michael Houghton <herveus@Radix.Net>


Jocetta replied to Bryce:
> Actually, if I were male, yes this would imply ownership of land but for a
> female, no.   I am calling myself Lady Thrushleigh by virtue of my marriage
> to the (totally fictitious) Sir Giles Thrushleigh.**
> Jocetta, Lady Thrushleigh (at least until some less stealthy heralds start
> jumping up and down and pouting at me.)
*pout* :) 

Seriously, the style Jocetta is using falls within the bounds of
appearing to claim landedness. No, I'm not going to jump up and doen,
and I'm not going to badger her or anyone else about this, and I don't
want to hear about others doing so.

> **My persona is married; I am single.  Yes this is confusing.  You will not
> see Sir Giles at events as he travels abroad a great deal in his service to
> the Crown of England.
> >> In a message dated 98-11-05 00:23:13 EST, you write:
> >> 
> >> > Jocetta, Lady Thrushleigh 
> >> >  
> >> >   (Note I've been reading Eogan-the-bard-not-the-herald's postings
> >about
> >> >  titles.  Knew about them, actually, just decided to change from
> >SCA custom
> >> >  to a very likely more period usage)
> >> 
> >--> the problem with this is that the College of Heralds specificially
> >does not allow titles that infer land,(unless you actually Own land
> >i.e. The King, or just rent it i.e. landed barons/nesses ...

This restriction is actually found in Corpora. Any statements in heraldic
rules and regulations serve merely to reiterate or clarify that.

> >;-) )
> >Calling myself the Lord de Byram, would infer that I am the liege lord
> >of that land(Actually, in my case the Byram river in France..),
> >So while it is more period to call the ranking noble Lord, or
> >actually, suerezin, it's discouraged by those herald types.
> >
The reason "those herald types" speak out is that it is their place to
do so. Given the way Corpora states it (landedness is an attribute of
the crown), claiming landedness could be characterized as lese majeste.
I don't advocate going there except in the most extreme cases. I can't
think of any that have arisen.

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