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Crown Tourney thanks!

Poster: "Garrett, William" <WGarrett@sierrahealth.com>

Greetings all from Lord William RInglancer of Locksley!

I had a wonderful time at Crown Tourney, and there are a number of people I
wish to thank.....

Thank you to Their Majesties for allowing me enter and strive for my lady

Thank you to the Barony of Bright Hills for the wonderful enthusiasm and
support you showed me.

Thank you to Lord Vlad for the talks we had before and during the
tournament.  Thanks Vlad, you keep me motivated.

Thank you to Master Bran for the wonderful poem about Crown Tourney.  It
made me feel that my lady wife and I are now part of Atlantian History.

Thank you to my two noble opponants, Lord Gareth Malcom and Lord Thamas of
Calais for two very enjoyable fights.  Your skills are exemplary and I
relish the chance to better myself and hope to do combat again with the both
of you.  You both also reenforced my need to block butt wraps adequately!

Thank you to His Highness and Sir Amalric for a splendid final round.  Both
of you are truly an inspiration to all, and are models of chivalry courtousy
and all that is good and knightly.

Thank you to m'lord Talbot who bore my shield for me in the procession.
Your help during the day was invaluable.  Thank you again, friend.

and last, but by no stretch of the imagination least, to my wonderful Lady
Wife, Celest Drinkwater, for inspiring me to be better than I am, so that I
can one day bring you the title and position which you so richly deserve.
You are queen of my heart, and any greatness or fame that I may eventually
earn or aquire will meerly be a reflection of the grace and beauty which are
yours and of the love I feel for you.  Thank you most of all, my lady.

......and thank you, gentle nobles, for your time.

Lord William Ringlancer of Locksley
Squire to Sir Marco Valerio Dibartolomeo (Caid)
"Honor before Ambition"
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