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Question about persona names

Poster: akratts@boole.com


After meeting the Golden Dolphin at the Crown Tourney, I have a much better
grasp of what it takes to document a name. (Thank you, Evan!) I have more
questions and I'd like to take the discussion offline with some of the

The last name I'd like to use is "Wulflingen," (umlaut over the U) taken
from The Zurich Roll of Arms, c. 1340. Are there any speakers of German out
there? Can anyone tell me what Wulflingen might translate as? The name if
incredibly euphonious to me and I'd like to use it, but I want to know
ahead of time whether or not it parses out to the "Town of the Stinky
Diaper Pits" or something equally bad. Since a wolf-like figure appears on
the registered arms, I'm assuming the name does have its roots in the word
"wolf". But what does "lingen" refer to?

Also, is it proper to add a "von" to the name? "Hildegarde von Wulflingen"?
Since the name appears to be a proper name already and not a place name,
I'm not sure this is possible.

Many thanks,


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