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Re: Please read this....

Poster: "Terry L. Neill" <t_neill@hotmail.com>


I would rather that people *verified* their information before passing 
it on.  Passing on false warnings contributes to the problem of people 
not paying attention to real ones.

It's not that hard to verify a story now-a-days, what with the Web being 
so handy to use.  All it takes is a little searching among either the 
search engines or the wire services to find out if someone died of snake 
bite at a Burger King, or had their Kidneys removed in a bathtub in a 
hotel, or want to break the world's record for greeting cards, or if the 
cancer foundation is magically donating $0.03 for every e-mail address 
you forward this too.

If the story doesn't contain verifiable details and a solid source, 
don't pass it on. If it does, check out those details and the source 
before passing it on.  That's my opinion.

  - Terry L. Neill
    Anarra Karlsdottir

>I would rather someone alert people of possible dangers (even if it 
turns out
>to be false) than not send it because it is not a middle ages topic or 
has not
>been fully researched.  The time something does not get posted because 
>is afraid of being flamed is the time someone actually gets hurt.  Kari 

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