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Re: Please read this....

Poster: "Rowanwald Central" <rownwald@gte.net>

> I will second this, and add that caution with poisonous snakes is always
> Good Thing (tm), especially since so many SCA events are held in outdoor
> areas.    <<SNIP>>  Also nearly stepped on a rattlesnake once, even more
> ago.  Scared the *&^% out of me. 

I can second the warning to watch your step - since I stepped on a
copperhead at Crown Tourney in Caer Mear one year and am still afraid of
walking in the dark... although the singing sound that the sword of my
rescuer made will ring forever in my memory - as well as the thanks I felt
when Duke Michael of Bedford went outside and found all of the sushi-bits
of the snake (my rescuer was a bit, ah, zealous) including it's
still-dangerous head, and disposed of them. I had been very very concerned
that a child would find the head on the grass in the morning and chase
another child with it, and he was the only one who took appropriate action
(though everyone else was most solicitous while we checked my leg to see if
the strikes that I felt had been bites - they weren't). So be very careful
out there in nature-land, and for goodness sakes, WARN your KIDS about what
to be careful of!

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