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Poster: marybeth lavrakas <Marybeth_Lavrakas@med.unc.edu>

In re-reading Castiglione's BOOK OF THE COURTIER today I found a
pertinent passage.  I guess getting fighters to dance is not a modern,
nor Atlantian, problem!  ;-)

I quote:
Yet we will not have him for all that so lusty to make bravery in words,
and to brag that he hath wedded his harness for his wife, and to
threaten with such grim looks, as we have seen Berto do oftentimes.  For
unto such may well be said that a worthy Gentlewoman in a noble assembly
spake pleasantly unto one, that shall be nameless for this time, whom
she to show him a good countenance , desired to dance with her, and he
refusing both that, and to hear music and many other entertainments
offered him, always affirming such trifles not to be his profession, at
last the Gentlewoman demanding him, "What is then your profession?"  He
answered with a frowning look: "To fight."

Then said the Gentlewoman, "Seeing you are not now at the war nor in
place to fight, I would think it best for you to be well besmeared and
set up in an armory with other implements of war til time were that you
should be occupied, lest you wax more rustier than you are."

(No comments about gettin' besmeared, guys!)

Kathryn Rous
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