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Re: Suspension of Certain Combat Arrows

Poster: "Greg Prevost" <gregp@ix.netcom.com>

    I can tell you what this effect this statement will have on a lot of our
combat archers.  They spent a LOT of time and effort on making and
purchasing balder blunts because they were told they were legal.  They were
encouraged to help Atlantia by doing so.  Now because of one incident they
are being told that their time and effort is basically wasted.  I don't know
about the average archer but my Lady spent at least $300 just on Baldar
Blunts, shafts, fletching, etc....  Thats not counting all the hours see has
spent making said arrows.

    No disrespect to Sir Iian and Lord Stepan but I feel the risk from
bounce back arrows is far less then a woods battle and all those branches
and limbs at head level.  Anybody who fights a woods battle without
goggles/facescreen is at just as much or more risk to an eye injury then
from a baldar blunted combat arrow.
And I know what I am talking about, my Lady uses me and our local fighter
practice as live targets!  I have been shot, or my opponent has been shot
hundreds and hundreds of times.

    To ban them now, without having finished your tested is a disservice to
those Atlantians.  Baldar blunts are used by a lot of other Kingdoms, there
has been many hours of testing done on them.  They were tested before they
were allowed to be used in Atlantia.  What has your new testing showed you
that we didn't know before?

Lord Janos of Cyddlain Downs
Knights Marshal of Cyddlian Downs

(warning, blatant event plug)
Autocrat of Feast of St. Dismas/Toys for Toys - where there will be combat
archery one way or another.

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From: Steve Riley <flamingbolt@mindspring.com>
To: marshalls@atlantia.sca.org <marshalls@atlantia.sca.org>
Date: Tuesday, November 10, 1998 10:32 PM
Subject: Suspension of Certain Combat Arrows

>As of this posting I have not completely finished my testing on all the
>arrows. As of now I am suspending the use of Baldar Blunts made with any
>type of fixed shaft(wooden or fiberglass) in any heavy melees. I know that
>this will put alot of arrows out of commission for awhile but until I
>finish the testing it is for the best. I am posting this to the marshals
>list so it can be made known to all the marshals as soon as possible. I
>will also post this to the Atlantian list. If anyone has any questions
>about this please post them to me privately.
>Stefan O'Reilly
>Kingdom Archer Marshal
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