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Bran's Crown entry

Poster: "Lisa Buschbaum" <lbuschbaum@arslimited.com>

For those who didn't get to hear this read in court at Crown, here is
Master Bran's lovely entry in the Roll of Arms competition.

Rhiannon, Triton

Rolls of Arms - Fall Crown, November 7, A.S. XXXIII

I awoke this morning to an unrelenting cold,
With Dawn just barely fingering the field.
We gathered to witness combat of olde,
With honorable arms clashing, and ne'er to yield.

And, as gleaming Apollo climbed high and bright,
A procession commenced to display friendly foes.
The first to come forward to test his might:
Roland d'Ambrose, fighting for Lady Kateryn Rous.

Following the pair, in Eros' blessed splendor,
Erec Jeudenfreunde advanced with steely daring;
Escorted by Excellence, ready to defend her,
Inspired by Rowan McDowell's gentle bearing.

>From Byzantine glory the comes the next contender!
Tascius Severian Fabius brandished Roman steel.
Mark this man, his warmth and charm remember;
With Livia of Ravenswood before Crowns did kneel.

Again came Rowan!  Her heart overflowing;
Carrying fire sufficient for two, bold men.
Lord Seamus McDowell?  This name not knowing,
Lord Reinhardt von Griefswald escorted Rowan again.

And then, heraldic arms stepped joyously forward.
Lord Jonathan Blackbow in his yellow and black;
*Companied by elegance, Lady Mave Griffinsward;
He came forth, prepared to meet any attack.

>From Sacred Stone*s Court coursed the stalwart Bryan,
Fighting as Dammuth Agantyr in this mighty Crown List.
The Phoenix* Champion, Her Excellency*s Lion
Fights for Brianna O*Duinn; velvet glove to iron fist!

But, who would face Caer Mear*s hale Blackhammer?
Lord Ragnarr carrying Lady Kyneburh*s favor today.
*Pon facing such puissance, foes stutter and stammer,
And fear for their lives, and flee straight away!

Lord Vladimir Ivanovich would face such power, if any could.
The son of Aleksandr knows no such fright.
Shored up by Lady Winifred Corbet de Wynterwood;
Russia*s rough hewn natives were born for such fight!

>From Locksley stock comes Lord William Ringlancer,
With heraldry canting his annulets and lances.
She holds him close; his heart: this Drinkwater;
*Tis Celest who vouchsafes this couple*s Crown chances.

I see that the Highlands sent forth their Scottish proxy,
Their honor carried by the loyal Clann Malcolm,
Helen and Gareth bear thistles and great helm affronty,
Together they will contend to rule our Kingdom.

France and Spain supply the next Crown duo,
>From Channel*s shore travels Thomas of Calais.
He finds his Muse in Nathalie of San Marco,
With courage screwed tight, they make their way.

Enter the Norse dragon!  His shield holds fire and lightning;
Lord Volgaar Thorgulsson honors Megan Buchanan.
But stalking the wyrm swim two sharks a*frightening!
Adorning the arms of Daemon Broussard and Emma of Elandonan.

Sing, Calliope!  Atlantia*s Bardic betrothal!
Sauntering forth in coat of checky, sable and Or;
Lord Bryce de Byram trades musical talent for arts martial,
Joining Lady Rosalind Jehanne in their Bardic detour.

The next couple closes to vie for Their Majesties* garden.
In chivalric staid, Sir Morvran Corbet tests his mettle;
Mistress Thjora stands by him as courtesy*s warden,
Our Kingdom*s Honor tended by the daughter of Arnketil.

Sir Amalric Blackhart embodies all virtues of belt and chain,
His knight*s brave heart burning brightly with God*s grace.
>From Snowden*s white mount came his gentler refrain;
Lady Caia, who mirrors fair Helen*s sweet face.

With his shield of argent, red roundel engrailed,
Sir Iain Monlach contends too for Atlantia*s prize.
In equal measure comes consort most hailed,
*Mistress Helen Whitmore!*  The populace cries.

A hush plays prelude to the two tigers prowling,
Sire Godfried of Frisia draws near with Celtic consort.
In Lady Brigid ni Sirideain, the Irish song sings;
Will Gaelic gods smile and herald their Court?

And then, he stands forward, white like the sun*s blaze;
With arms deferred in favor of his Lady*s achievement.
Duke Stephan of Bellatrix fights for Duchess Niobe Lais;
Models of peace and subtle contentment.

Swords flash clash in heated contention,
Still, *tis honor and chivalry that rules the Crown*s day,
And, when Blackhart and Bellatrix argue the ascension,
Warriors come together in the field*s final fray.

I see three stars on Atlantia*s horizon,
A new constellation in Atlantia*s sky.
With one battle to Amalric and one to Stephan,
The people of Atlantia grow quiet and draw nigh.

Two swords scream and shout their defiance.
Two consorts stand surrounded, but oh-so alone.
One knight falls in frustrated compliance.
Stephan and Niobe of Bellatrix inherit the Throne!

-- Bran Trefonnen

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