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Re: Suspension of Certain Combat Arrows

Poster: Beiskaldi@aol.com

In a message dated 98-11-12 19:04:55 EST, you write:

NOTE:  I have posted this to the merry rose for anyone who is interested in a
further explanation from me for my question.  It really doesnt offer any
commentary on ca, more my feelings on freedom of expression in public forums.
This happens to be an issue that I am sensitive to--I guess I was told too
many times as a child that i was to be seen and not heard or something.--thyra

>  Well for a number of reasons.  Firstly: not everybody is all that
>  enamored with Combat Archery, and once the basic points have been
>  presented and it starts to grate on others, it's probably best to take
>  it into private email. Actually, that goes for most any topic on most
>  any mailing list, for that matter. :-)

I see that here on a regular basis.  That is what the delete key is for.  I
use it often when i dont want to get into the details of a discussion.  I am
really not trying to sound snippy, I realize that that is how my words come
out frequently (i have internet friends who are convinced i am in a
perpetually bad mood).  For instance, Rosine herself warned me about the
recent discussion on angels here, and not being particularly interested in the
various types, sizes and physical attributes of angels, much less the size of
the pins, I simply didnt review the discussion.  A discussion on Odin's
sacrifice of his eye for wisdom, however, would suit me, but that is another

>  Secondly: I'm not at all sure that the KAM is even *on* the Merry rose,
>  which means if people are just discussing it here and don't bother to
>  let Stefan hear their views (and cross-posting to the marshal's list or
>  cc'ing him on these discussions are *not* the proper way to do it ;->)
>  then the vast majority of these arguments is being wasted in the
>  official sense, and only serves to inform the populace.  That's a good
>  result, mind you, but one that does little to make an argument with
>  which Stefan may make his decision.

True, and that had already been thought of.  However, I believe that informing
the populace is important too, and for an example if i had not heard anything
about this topic here i wouldnt have known that it was a topic until likely
our next business meeting.  I "feel" that the discussion here has contributed
to the knowledge and spread of info, and has given many individuals the
ability to refine their opinions.  None of us can make any other person
contact KAM; those that want their voices to be heard and offer suggestions
have to take responsibility for their own actions.

>  Lastly: after a while, most any debate on any mailing list devolves
>  into the two sides repeating essentially their same arguments over and
>  over again, just in more and more excruciating detail as they slice
>  their points thinner and thinner to refute the quibbling rebuttals of
>  the opposite side.  This hasn't gotten to that point yet, but is on
>  it's way... :-)
>  Julien

True, true, true.  However, it has been my past observation in such cases that
the issue at hand becomes less appealing to the general mail list populace,
fewer persons respond to the proverbial "dead horse", and it is quickly put to
death in the public arena and moved off list to those who feel the need to
"quibble" with each other when it reaches that point.

Just my thoughts,
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