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'Nother Heraldic 'Sperimen

Poster: "Beverly Robinson-Curry" <corvus2@worldnet.att.net>

Greetings from Triton (in the glorious sunny south!!!)!

As you may have noticed, Lady Morderyn Tremayne has been posting court
reports to the list recently.  Besides being nifty info to share, it also
helps us check for misspellings on receipient's names.

In keeping with that idea, I'd like to remind everyone that when you
receive an award in court, if the name on your promissory is spelled
incorrectly, please check with the herald as soon thereafter as possible to
help get the correct spelling into the system.

In addition, we are also trying to catalog awards by modern name as well,
to help the Clerk of Precedence sort out some of the mystery awards...(like
when Maria Giovanni receives an award as Mary of Sacred Stone, because
nobody knew her SCA name; or when George of the Jungle registers a new
name).  When Lady Mordrea posts these court reports, if you haven't already
notified the Clerk of Precedence of a name change, new name or given the
court herald your modern name (for comparison purposes), please let her
know at that time.

Thank you!!!

Lady Rhiannon ui Neill
Triton Principal Herald
House Corvus, Sacred Stone
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