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Re: Suspension of Certain Combat Arrows

Poster: "MTR/AAHR" <wolffe@onslowonline.net>

How can one lose an eye or suffer a devestating injury to the face if they
are wearing  prper head gear, i.e. a helm with the proper spacing between
the bars allowed by Kingdom rules, which I believe to be a 1" space verticle
or horizontal.  I saw a Balder Blunt, ain't no way, one of these could fit
into a 1" space.
In other words, I too, don't understand how, after just ONE injury,a weapons
form is pulled.  I could see if it was after several injuries in a row or
so. I mean, RAPIER is far more dangerous then combat archery. Come on, a tip
could fall off on the way to a strike and seriously injure someone, or a
person can get over zealous and slash a person across the leg or arm, and
believe you me, it don't feel too good when it happens.
Just wondering.....
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From: Julien de Montfort <julien@spiaggia.org>
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Date: Wednesday, November 11, 1998 18:04
Subject: Re: Suspension of Certain Combat Arrows

>Poster: Julien de Montfort <julien@spiaggia.org>
>> > Imagine
>> > if, as a result of a broken wrist at event X, swords were suspended
>> > from use until the Earl Marshal did more testing on them?
>> This sword didn't misws someone's eye by two inches and it didn't
>> a cut that could have been a gash.  Secondly, as much as we have used
>> this weapon, it doesn't have 30 years of use and anecdotal evidence
>> behind it.
>My point was that is it appropriate to take a weapons form that has
>been deemed acceptable at Society level and also at Kingdom level and
>has been extensively tested in both controlled situations and also on
>the field or several years, and to suspend that weapon at the first
>injury that occurs?  In my estimation, no.  Of course, I ain't the KAM,
>so that doesn't amount to much beyond my opinion and what that's worth.
>All weapons approved for use in heavy combat can be said to have an
>'acceptable injury' ratio.  In Atlantia, we feel that 7.5-foot unpadded
>polearms have too high an injury ratio to allow thier use here.  The
>East Kingdom, on the other hand, does not see it so and allows them.
>The Society, however, does not disallow them and so they are still
>legal if we wanted to adopt them at a later date.
>Up until this point, Atlantia has felt that Baldar Blunts have a low
>enough injury ratio to allow their use.  My personal dismay was that
>the item was apparently pulled from use at the first recorded incident
>of injury, as if it was never expected that they could or would ever
>cause an injury.  If there was a sudden rash of injuries, yes, I can
>see the concern, but not as a result of a single incident.  I still
>feel my original analogy is appropriate.
>Yes, archery in general and Baldar Blunts in particular have not had as
>many years total of in-use experience and anecdotal evidence as swords
>and other heavy weapons.  But what it does have (and it's not
>insubstantial) appears to indicate that, in general, they are probably
>*safer* than heavy melee weapons -- i.e, fewer injuries per use.  I'd
>rather have a cut on my cheek than a broken wrist.  Whether I'd rather
>lose an eye from a bounceback or suffer permanent disability to a limb
>via a polearm shot is a little more of a tricky question, but I feel
>that the probability of either of those two drastic occurences
>happening is so low (and both comparable to each other) as to not be
>enough to keep me off the field.
>DISCLAIMER: I am expressing my opinion on what information has been
>presented to me.  If somebody has some data that refutes my
>assumptions, I'd be more than happy to hear them.
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