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Re: Suspension of Certain Combat Arrows

Poster: Josh <dungeon@norfolk.infi.net>

This question is directed to the Kingdom Archery Marshal," What were your
testing methods when the said result of bounceback 10 feet occured?" I think
that is a very good question to ask, since if the test is biased from
reality of the use of the arrow, then the test can be improved or
complicated to add realism to it. Also what angles did it fly back at
approximately during the trials of the experiment? When did it lose speed
and altitude during the 10 foot fly back? I can see the concern if that was
ten feet in a straight line. But just cause it arcs downward from the target
ten feet might be a questionable reason for suspending the use of the arrows.
In service,
Tristan ap Elwin
who will either being doing spear or CA at pennsic. Still have to decide!

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