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Re: Suspension of Certain Combat Arrows

Poster: Julien de Montfort <julien@spiaggia.org>

> Maybe somebody can answer this question for me: are balder blunts
> in rapier combat?  At least two archery marshalls told me no, because
> they can dent the masks.  Several rapier marshalls I have talked to
> they were allowed.  (Besides, with out masks, we don't have to worry
> about the bounce back).

Currently they are legal with rapier.  They too were suspended from use
in that arena briefly a few months back, but were fairly quickly
reinstated.  If they have been withdrawn again from use in rapier since
then, I have not heard anything about it.

The following is what I last had in regards to this, back in July:

"1) Combat arrows: starting now and until you hear otherwise from me or
Steafan, or get new Kingdom rules in writing, the following rules apply
arrow construction.
All SCA rules for arrow constructions are applicable in Atlantia
fiberglass) EXCEPT for the following:
- no bird blunts
- no Moomark (sp?) blunts
- Cone head arrows should be NO MORE than 28 inches long INCLUDING the
- Arrows tipped with baldars may not be more than 28 inches from the
of the nock to the point where the baldar is tightened to the shaft
- Contrary to what was previously reported, IT IS OK to use baldars with

Until yesterday's suspension of Baldar Blunts, I had not heard of any
additional changes since that time.


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