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Re: Suspension of Certain Combat Arrows

Poster: Eli White <eliwhite@home.com>

>battle.  When combat arrows boince off people, they tend to either drop
>fairly close down to the target or spin outward as opposed to a
>straight linear bounceback -- a straight bounceback, especially in
>excess of a couple feet, would be a breathtakingly rare occurence on
>the field, I would hazard to say.  "Laboratory Testing" is fine, but

Well, his is second hand information as I did not see it happen myself, but
from what I understand it only had to bounce back a few feet in the
situation that happened at Crusades ...

The blunt had struck on the breastplate of someone standing in the front of
a shield wall, and had bounced back the 3 feet or so to hit the other line.

Siegfried Sebastian Faust

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